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In a time and age of a rise of a new type of currency, cryptocurrency, we find ourselves faced with the option to go two ways. Towards a path backed only by common use, or a towards a path backed by actual value. To do this, we decided to use one of the few objects to not lose total value. Gemstones.

Gemstones have been sought after for generation after generation. Most gemstones are sought after for their color. Quite a few gemstones are used in manufacturing today's goods. Some are thought to have properties affecting the human body's energy system.

Gemstones have lined the crowns of kings, queens, emporers, and priests. Gemstones have also been used as gifts and a means of payment throughout time. MelonHeadsProtocol aims to be that next gemstone. With the ability to network with people worldwide, we can employ the unemployed with education of geology. We want to aim for a less destructful manner of mining gemstones while taking the economical power away from just the large mining companies. These companies will tear away at the earth and destroy it while creating inflated prices just to stay wealthier than 99% of the population. It is time to change that.

We want to offer a way for the common human to earn a decent living for themselves. We will offer trade for gemstones in return for the MHSP currency, while putting the MHSP back into circulation at a higher price each round of sales, effectively creating a semi-stable rise in price. What this means is that "dumpers", or people who sell the coins at a lower price will not affect the price as much as a coin having no physical backing of value. With the amount of gemstones sold daily around the world, it is only a matter of time before people are trading for gemstones using MHSP because of the price difference.

To start off we will offer the service on our website https://www.melonheads.org/ and after creating demand and traffic, we will open up the service to be used by other gem miners to sell to "miners" and traders. During this time, we will list on a major exchange, update our website even further, develop an android app, and start our marketing campaign.

The premine of 15 Million coins is strictly for the purposes of a chain swap and for use furthering the development of MHSP, associated websites, social media outlets, and any other costs pertaining to the upkeep and maintenance of these systems. All movement of the premine will be directly displayed in the official MHSP Discord server. There are no pre-determined percentages of distribution. There is also no pre-sale of any coins.

MHSP aims to deliver you one of the first coins of its nature. We strive for complete transparency and anonymity. Let us give you something worth some value, be it a coin or a gem.


The purpose of this whitepaper is to present MelonHeadsProtocol(MHSP) cryptocurrency and platforms to potential MHSP users in conjunction with the launch of the business model. The information set forth may not be complete or exhaustive and implies no element of a contractual agreement. The sole purpose is to provide reasonable and relevant information to potential community members and users in order for them to determine to undertake a thorough analysis of the cryptocurrency with the intent of utilizing any of the MHSP services.

Nothing in this whitepaper shall be deemed to constitute any sort of sollicitation for investment or prospectus of any sort. Nor does it in any way pertain to any offering or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction which are designed to protect investors.

Certain statements, estimates, and financial information contained in this whitepaper constitute forward looking statements or information. Such forward looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward looking statements herein. This english language whitepaper is the primary official source of information about MHSP and related platforms. Before using the services provided, you should check your local and federal laws.

Marketing plan

Given the volatility of the nature of cryptocurrencies, MHSP has been launched to mediate actual value to digital currency in the form of gemstones.

The first round of MHSP gem sales will be put into the market at a higher than market price with the majority of funds being funnelled back into the market system by purchases of gemstones through the MHSP webiste and related platforms. Thus creating a constant rise in price caused by each phase of sales.

What this means is that the cost of gemstones will decrease in amount of MHSP while the MHSP recieved from gem sales will be put in at higher costs of the trading pair simultaneously keeping the value of the gemstones the same while the cost per gemstone in amount of MHSP falls due to the rise in value of MHSP and the pairs it will be trading with.

A marketing phase looking for potential investors will only arise after MHSP has been listed on at least one exchange and sales have already been publicly started. Not a single aspect of this project constitutes any type of ICO or related program. Investor packages will come with incentives ranging in the 10% bonus area.

MHSP is a hybrid system of Proof-of-Work(PoW) and Proof-of-Stakes(PoS). This system was chosen as our chain functionality to provide an 8% earning incentive per annum to people holding MHSP in private, decentralized wallets.


Chain launched
Website remodeled
Explorer up and running
Basic wallets
Discord Tip bot
Discord Tip bot updated with staking pool function
Gemshop opened
Rock tumbler purchased
Github repo with source and wallets
Community growth assessment
Listed on altmarkets.io
Mac wallet
Social media avenues taken
transparent pre-mine and distribution

Future Plans:
Android Wallet
iOS Wallet
Paper wallet
2nd exchange listing
updates to gemshop
Acceptance of fiat for gemstones with 5% MHSP back for future purchases
MHSP Chat(seperate from discord) with private server chatrooms
Faceting machine
Partnerships with jewelry makers
Partnerships with other freelance miners
Global advertising campaign
More to come...

Coin Specifications:

Algorithm Scrypt
Block type Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake
Coin name MelonHeadsProtocol
Coin abbreviation MHSP
Address letter M
Address letter testnet P
RPC port 10999
P2P port 21000
Block reward 3 coins
Coin supply 165000000 coins
Premine amount 15000000 coins(edited)

PoS percentage 8% per year
Last PoW block block 50000000
Min. stake age 1 hours
Max. stake age Unlimited
Coinbase maturity 6 blocks
Target spacing 30 seconds
Target timespan 15 minutes
Transaction confirmations 3 blocks

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