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We decided in the best interest of the community to remove gambling from our perspective use case. We are now becoming trade-able for raw gemstones through THIS WEBSITE exclusively, that is until another service opens up through a perspective partner. The perspective partner has so far not shown much effort or progress on what they said they can deliver, so we are going to deliver for you first! Come check us out at our discord server below! Our server is friendly and family safe. Please read the rules and be kind to one another!


Mining has re-opened to the public! We will be adding mining pool lists shortly, and for more info join our discord server! This is a newly mine-able coin here in July 2019!

Crypto-Mining with actual Mining

MelonHeadsProtocol offers a unique service starting soon. The MHSP will be trade-able here on site for raw gemstones. We have people in the mountains gathering all sorts of raw gemstones that are waiting to be delivered to you for only the cost of MHSP.

Join the team

Interested in joining the team? We have a wide variety of positions open and are welcoming all walks of life. We want our community to prosper and flourish in this new millennia. Programmers, graphic designers, web developers, and mobile app developers are needed for our great projects ahead. Inquire below!

together as a community we push forward!

We Grow as a community and flourish as a community. We did not do an ICO or a pre-sale.

We have been through a lot in the past year or so, and want to offer you a chance to redeem your time spent with the community with something of value. That is why we are pleased to announce that we are offering a variety of raw gemstones deliverable to your address for only the cost of the MHSP.

We need your help to build a better future and innovate for tomorrow, for only with adoption comes value. Our community is made up of all ages and is family friendly. Come join us today!

Below are our Windows and Linux wallets and a link to our Github Repository
(Source and Daemon further down)

Betting, that is where we started. Making the leap from idea to reality took a bet. After seeing the effects betting had on our users, we had to stop it. We didn't want people losing their entire balance or spending their own money just to lose it. We decided in favor of our morality and our love of the community to take away the betting system and replace it with a system capable of trading goods for the Melons. This system will be slowly developed, and until that time, we are offering a simple system that we will be built upon on the website here.

Seriously though, I want to thank all of our developers, staff members, and community. You have helped push us to where we are today. Spectacular events lay ahead of us. I am recruiting some help on the White paper for the coin, seeing as we want it to have the look our community wants. Thanks again everyone, this wouldn't be anything without each and every one of you.

For those of you who need the source or a daemon, they are provided below.

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