Together, we are growing the future


We are launching into the future with never before seen innovations! Come check us out at our discord server below! Our server is friendly and family safe.


Mining has re-opened to the public! We will be adding mining pool lists shortly, and for more info join our discord server! This is a newly mine-able coin here in January 2019!


MelonHeads holds the key to innovation. Our MMORPG will be unlike anything the crypto-world has seen. From the unique compression techniques to the use of the coin in-game, we will lead in the use of crypto.

Join the team

Interested in joining the team? We have a wide variety of positions open and are welcoming all walks of life. We want our community to prosper and flourish in this new millennia. Programmers, graphic designers, web developers, and mobile app developers are needed for our great projects ahead. Inquire below!

together as a community we push forward!

We Grow as a community and flourish as a community. We did not do an ICO or a pre-sale, we just launched.

We did this as a community with just an idea and we want to further the community's ideas with stronger blockchain technology.

We need your help to build a better future and innovate for tomorrow. Our community is made up of all ages and is family friendly. Come join us today!

Betting, that is where we start. Making the leap from idea to reality took a bet, and some dollar bills I could barely spare. Now we have grown into an unstoppable monster, Crypto communities everywhere beware!

Take a look at what one member posted on Medium, just click the button.

Seriously though, I want to thank all of our developers, staff members, and community. You have helped push us to where we are today. Spectacular events lay ahead of us. I am recruiting some help on the White paper for the coin, seeing as we want it to have the look our community wants. Thanks again everyone, this wouldn't be anything without each and every one of you.

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