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Traded rates vary with MHSP market value. Prices will NOT stay the same.
As the Market value rises, the cost per stone will drop in MHSP.
Shipping to some areas of the globe may be impossible as of yet,
but we will try yo make sure to work with you as best as possible.

Assorted raw gemstones(multiple kinds), approximately 10 carats in combined weight per package.
Price is 25,000 MHSP per Package. Quantity is still limited.

Assorted Sapphire Gemstones, raw.
Price is 3500 MHSP per half carat of gemstones. Quantity limited.

Large Cuttable Sapphires, raw.
Price is 70,000 MHSP per Carat of gemstones. Quantity Highly Limited.

Cut and polished Sapphires, small(tenth to hundreth carats)
Price is 10000 MHSP per .1 carat

Aquamarine, raw.
Price to be determined

Emeralds, raw
Price to be determined

Citrines, raw
Price to be determined

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